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Leduc Business Information Portal
BUSINESS DIRECTORY - FREE business directory listing [ Directory Listing ]
BUSINESS PROFILE - Engage in a business profile to tell your business story. A profile tells who you are, what you do and provides links to all your online resources and contact information.
SERVICES - Do you have services that you wish your customers knew more about? Your business profile can hilite those services and give them definition. We will feature and promote them.
Expose your business on LiveCommunities.  Do you sell the best darn cookies in town? Can your staff juggle lemons while making lemonade? Is your furniture hand-made by a monk in the Himalayas? Every business has quirks – those little things that keep your customers coming back for more – show them off on a Live business portal. [ JOIN HERE ]
Modified Date: 9/12/2016
Get Your Patio On!

A new addition this summer to our LiveCommunities business directory is a patio guide.  A list of local patio's for you to choose from and enjoy on a sunny day! e:  [ LiveCommunities Patio Guide ]

Modified Date: 6/10/2016
Brand Module

A New Brand Module to promote brands carried by local businesses.   New Brands, Featured Brands, Brands on Tap and of course who carries them in each Community.

Modified Date: 6/6/2016
Business Menu's

Live Menu's!  Not the full menu in all cases but the special selections that the Chef wants to tell you about.  Special Menu's, New Menu Items, Featured Menu Items and links to the business website where you will find their entire menu of goodness.

Modified Date: 6/6/2016


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